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  • What is the Inbetween?
    The inbetween is a visually based choose your own adventure designed to stimulate storytelling. It is also a passion project by Graham and Danielle Judd about two or three? Nameless children who find themselves in a world they don't fully understand.
  • How do I play?
    Easy! By using the main menu find and click on Inbetween: Journey to the Midnight castle and start exploring! InBetween is not a traditional story or choose your own adventure, the text is minimal and the visuals are leading. There is no correct way to experience the story, you can click through the adventure yourself and narrate the story in your own mind. The story can also be told, expanding on the leading text to create a fuller vision of the story that can illustrate hardships experienced by young readers throughout the day or used to tell a moral story or simply for fun.
  • What stage are you in development?
    We are currently in beta, with the images largely finished; we are crafting, polishing and working on the leading text attached to the images. During this time we would really love feedback on sections that don't work for you! You can access the feedback section of the site from the main menu, or at the end of any story chain you complete. Our goal is to create a print version when text is finalized that can be easily experienced with children and parents to facilitate bedtime stories that are different every night, at the moment the web version accomplishes this but lets us stay flexible with our editing!
  • Is the story finished?
    No! This is not - This is a completed story arch one of three major choices readers have at the start of the adventure! As work on the other main story archs is finished they will be added!
  • I love this, How can I help?"
    First and foremost feedback, we need tons of feedback! Financial support also helps through buying prints and making donations but feedback, engagement, promotion, sharing it with your friends! This is what really really helps the most!


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